Moon Eyes Tee

$30.00 $40.00

Moon Eyes tees are printed on premium, soft cotton unisex shirts and feature front + sleeve prints. 

Garment Care:
Please wash inside out, in cold water only. Hang to dry.

Approximate Sizing (inches) - please allow +/- 1" tolerance:
S: 17.5 (across the chest) x 27.5 (down the back)
M: 19.5 (across the chest) x 28 (down the back)
L: 21.5 (across the chest) x 29 (down the back)
XL: 23 (across the chest) x 29.5 (down the back)
2XL: 24.5 (across the chest) x 30 (down the back)

Product may be slightly different than shown.